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TOPIC: Poor State of the Redhouse Lake

Poor State of the Redhouse Lake 4 years 2 months ago #916

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The Pride of Derby apologises to its members

Yes, this is right – we apologise for letting you all down with the two tier standard for the fishing and amenity on our waters - one standard is the fishing on our complex and the rivers we own – which our members I am sure enjoy, and the other is the dreadful standard which we are ashamed of on the Redhouse Lake where we have allowed ourselves “The Pride of Derby” to lower its standards to match the dreadful standards set by our co owners on this lake – “This will now change” –

The Pride of Derby are to upgrade the standards in this our Redhouse lake area to meet our obligations recorded in the “Joint Venture” agreement reached by the two clubs in “1995” that is to “carry out the development and to thereafter utilise Property for the benefit of the members”. So far there has been “No Development of the property by the co-owners” and the commitment made in the agreement to “jointly fund the development” has only been made by the Pride of Derby.

This though is no excuse for the “Pride of Derby” doing nothing as well as the co-owners – therefore we will take action -

We at the Pride of Derby know that it will be our club that does the work and pays for it – this has always been the case but we see no reason why our members should continue to suffer the dreadful standards applied by our co owners – we also know that the co- owner’s members will benefit from this upgrade with no cost to them – we have no problem with this – it is not their fault that their club does not maintain what they own – they should also be entitled to visit and enjoy this site that has so much potential.

The work we will do will open up the swims that have become overgrown – make the swims all year round swims with hard standing - clear the weed and debris from the area ensuring natural areas left for wildlife habitat – trim trees back as necessary to make new swims – generally make it a place where it's a pleasure to be and to take your family safely without fear of being nettled or stung or even lose children in the jungle of weeds and debris. Where you can site your bivie on grass with an area around it that does not have to be cleared before you can fish.

We are to employ a full time Groundsman who will work with our other part time groundsmen to maintain this and our other areas to a high standard – gone are the days when we had working parties – this was the right thing to do years ago when clubs were extremely poor and paying very high rents – but not for clubs where the land and waters are in their ownership and the membership fees are paid to maintain the fishery – members pay their fees to fish – not to do what the clubs should be doing for them – the members time off from work is limited and they should be able to enjoy their time fishing in good surroundings and in safety with a potential of catching some great fish not supporting clubs by doing the work while their fees stay in the clubs large bank accounts.

In the respect of the fish we would also intend in the future to add stock to the Redhouse lake -
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Poor State of the Redhouse Lake 4 years 2 months ago #917

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At least the club is trying pity about the other clubs lack of interest mind you that's why I left them to join pride keep up the good work and cheers
If you don't give it a go you will never know
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Poor State of the Redhouse Lake 4 years 2 months ago #919

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Well done and massive thank you to the club and commity.
I've fished Redhouse on a regular basis for years, and it's a shame that such a nice lake has been suffering slightly due to the lack of respect it's gets from the fellow club.
I know that all of the pride members will be thankful of this and will embrace, and help with the work you're going to put in. Hopefully the othe club members will do the same.
If I'm on the bank and you guys are working away, feel free to pop over and I'll get the kettle on.
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Poor State of the Redhouse Lake 2 years 9 months ago #1037

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I took a look up at Redhouse a few weeks ago, and was a little disappointed with the amount of rubbish that was laying around. I filled two carrier bags that I had in the car as well as taking away a broken tip section from a Shimano carp rod & a metal spiral dog restraining peg! I had nothing else to put several beer bottles & other rubbish that had been left around the edges of the tree line on the river side of the lake. Is this purely anglers? Joe Public that stroll along this side of the river or "yoofs" having a piss up & getting stoned on the grass? Does it get fished a lot by Railway members? All I do know is that if I see any rubbish laying around & have a bag with me, it will get removed (depending on what it is or volume , I will place it on the fire area near the M1 portaloo & car park if that is permitted?)
Hopefully not have to spend another 5 years on a remote island.....
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Poor State of the Redhouse Lake 2 years 8 months ago #1053

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I’ve been a member here for five years and have never seen a problem with litter left by anglers, a lot of the stuff on the Trent side of the lake has come from where the river bursts it’s banks throughout the year and caught up in the bushes and foliage which becomes more visible when in turns to winter . You will see what a good job Paul and Stuart do to keep the complex clean and tidy.
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