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River Trent

The River Trent that is available to the Members of the “Pride of Derby” is located in two areas, the fist o­ne being at Sawley / Shardlow the other at Willington.

The Sawley / Shardlow section of the river has various characteristics. This is due mainly to its artificially made section and holding weir created in 1790 to allow the Trent & Mersey Canal to cross the Trent to the Sawley Cut and access the River Trent again further downstream. This section therefore has slow deep water downstream from the confluence with the River Derwent to shallow fast runs below Sawley Weir. With the variation of characteristics it follows that there is a variation in types of fish caught. There is a very large population of Bream and Roach in the slower areas whereas in the faster water the predominant species is Chub and Barbel. There are reports of Barbel being caught in the section below the Sawley weir of 12 lbs and above with Bream of 5 to 8 Lb. not being uncommon in the slower deeper reaches.

The Willington section is a mixed fishery with no predominant species, the fish that are likely to be caught are Roach, Chub, Barbel and to a lesser degree Bream.

Access in both of these locations is very good with locked car parks available for all sections, in the area of our Lake and Pond fishing at Hemington parking behind the area you wish to fish is readily available. ( This area particularly suitable for elderly or disabled angler who are o­nly able to walk short distances )

Ironmongers Section

Sawley Weir

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